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Remapping Overview

Pre Tuning Health Checks carried out to ensure your vehicle is trouble-free

What is engine remapping?

Engine remapping is when a vehicle’s onboard computer (often called an Electronic Control Unit, or ECU) is modified with new software to affect/improve its behaviour.

From the factory, the vast majority of cars won’t have their engine’s maximum potential performance on offer — even on sports cars. ECUs usually limit the engine’s performance to improve reliability, emissions and fuel consumption.

Your car’s engine may also be limited to ensure it can deliver a good balance of fuel consumption and outright performance in less-than-ideal conditions; such as very hot weather (when engines typically produce less power)

Engine remapping is usually done to unlock more power from an engine by removing some of these restrictions. It’s also possible to have a remap focused on increasing fuel consumption.

How does engine remapping work?

An engine remap is performed by writing a new software program onto the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU). This is a relatively simple method of tuning, usually done by plugging a specialist laptop into the car’s OBD port (the same plug most garages use to diagnose a problem with your car if it breaks down).


Why Choose Us?

Here at the Moorhouse Garage Ltd, we understand the fundamentals and importance of engine management systems needed for optimum engine and performance gains. We gather information prior to a tuning session with official main dealer diagnostic tools. 

  • Experts in our Field
    Our team of experienced technicians are fully qualified
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    We always offer a gold star, transparent service to our customers
  • State of the Art Tuning Tools
    We only use the best possible equipment on the market

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering a remap, it is advisable to have a service carried out on your vehicle, to not only maximise any gains, but to improve the longevity of the engine.

This is dependent on the level of modified hardware currently fitted to your vehicle. If you're in doubt, feel free to get in touch and one of our experts will happily advise you

We always recommend using the E5 grade from reputable brands such as Tesco, Esso and Shell 

For diesels, we always recommend using the premium brands.

We always recommend using the recommended grade suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. 


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