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DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning overview

The Diesel Particulate Filter


A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaner is designed to give your engine a good clean from the inside out. It is a chemical treatment which helps to reduce the soot emissions generated by your engine, regenerate the Diesel Particulate Filter and clean away any existing soot particles


Why should I clean my DPF?

The DPF is part of your engine’s exhaust system, and even if it’s only partially clogged, it increases back pressure in the engine

  • Remove Clogging Before It Gets Worse
    Particulate filters are costly, and the best way to avoid those expenses is to have them cleaned regularly
  • Better Fuel Economy and Engine Performance
    The soot trapped in the DPF must be removed regularly to keep the filter functional
  • Better Resale Value
    We recommend our customers maintain a record that accounts for DPF cleaning to improve vehicle value

Improve the longevity and performance of your vehicle

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